Outdoor Inspection Robot

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Power company recognized the need for monitoring power equipment temperature as an effective way to prevent accidents at electrical substations and power grids. Maintaining trained staff to regularly and safely audit all necessary equipment is costly and the location of unmanned substations are often located in remote area where getting there will take a long time.

The substation inspection robot is created with heavy-duty complex terrain outdoor mobile platform to patrol substation facilities’ while avoiding obstacles. It has smart inspection to navigate through substation and perform infrared thermal image scanning of the area’s power equipment with the robot’s embedded robust pan-tilt positioner to conduct remote monitoring that scan for temperature differences, identify hot spots problem area, perform sound recording, diagnose the issues, and send abnormal alarm notification when a problem is identified. Stationing a substation inspection robot at unmanned electrical substations is an effective way of lowering cost and to prevent accidents at electrical substations and power grids.


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