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Introducing the GOSHAWK: Master the Skies

Key Features:

• Hostile Drone Interceptor and Capture:
• A cutting-edge solution designed to neutralize hostile drone threats without collateral damage.
• Employs a hard-kill net effector for precise and effective threat neutralization.
• 24/7 Autonomous Operation and Interception:
• Ensures round-the-clock protection against aerial threats, providing constant vigilance.
• Integration with Existing C-UAS Detection Systems:
• Seamlessly integrates into your existing Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) detection infrastructure, enhancing overall security measures.

The GOSHAWK by Robotican represents a breakthrough in autonomous Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) technology. This innovative solution leverages a hard-kill net effector to provide unparalleled protection against the growing threat of hostile drones.

Elevated Protection Against UAV Threats:

As UAV threats continue to evolve and diversify, the GOSHAWK stands as a formidable deterrent. Capable of countering surveillance, propaganda, and aerial strike attacks, it offers a modular and safe solution for neutralizing threats. This is particularly crucial when dealing with adversaries that are impervious to GPS spoofing, jamming, and other signal-based mitigation methods. With over 680 successful documented physical interceptions of UAVs, the GOSHAWK has a proven track record of effectiveness.

Smart Nest for Rapid Interception:

The GOSHAWK’s Nest is a sophisticated autonomous launchpad system designed to facilitate rapid interceptor take-off. Equipped to hold up to two interceptors, the Nest operates remotely, ensuring 24/7 standby interception readiness. This feature guarantees swift response times in critical situations.

Seamless Command and Control Integration:

The GOSHAWK’s Command and Control System (C2) seamlessly integrates with existing detection or radar systems. Additionally, it harmonizes effortlessly with systems utilizing WGS84 (latitude, longitude, altitude) or with three degrees of freedom (range, elevation, and azimuth angle) targeting data. This interoperability ensures smooth operation within your existing security infrastructure.

Take control of the skies with the GOSHAWK. Elevate your aerial security measures with a solution that combines precision, autonomy, and adaptability. Safeguard your airspace against the ever-evolving threats posed by hostile drones. Trust in the GOSHAWK to keep you ahead of the curve.

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