Gogoro 2 Series

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Ride refined. The 2 Series platform is designed with lifestyles in mind. With different vehicle variants in the family, all focused on upgrading unique takes of modern urban riding.

Elevate every journey.

From smoother, premium commute experiences, to rugged, stylish expressions, the Gogogo 2 Series makes every trip better, in ways that matter the most to you.


Equipped with carbon belt for silent comfort. Don’t worry about maintenance and enjoy your ride.


Hyper-efficient, water-cooled Gogoro motor. A modern marvel that delivers incredible power and riding range.


Mechanical leverage takes much less effort. Park your scooter easily in one single step.


SBS comes standard. Provide safety and control whenever you need.

Sense, enhanced.

The signature style of a new era. Streamlined. Understated. Brilliant. Every line, surface, and detail is finished to perfection for a more subtle yet unmistakable statement on the road.

iQ System®

Smart vechicle technology that makes everyday riding simple and effortless.


Choose from fingerprint, Face-ID, or even Siri voice command to greater security and easy access to your vehicle.

Auto weather mode

Automatically senses local weather and adjusts vehicle torque for better traction control in wet conditions.

One-click reverse

Get out of any tight spot with a simple click of the reverse button for hassle-free parking.

Smarter is better

All-in-one mobile App
Anti-theft digital security
Automatic software updates

Easy as ever

Battery swap in seconds*
Wireless keycard and phone unlock*
Reverse back up

Epic fun ride

Digital drivetrain
Superior riding range*
ABS for extra safety

  • The Photos may not represent actual Smartscooter®. Accessories and color may vary.
  • Please refer to the specification chart for colors applicable each type of Smartscooter®.
  • Unstealable: iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • Rain Mode will only be enabled when (1) the user use Gogoro® App (version 2.16.0 or higher), and (2) when the user's Smartscooter® is connected with the user's mobile device via Bluetooth, and (3) the user use the mobile device to unlock Smartscooter®. Whether the Rain Mode will be activated will be determined by the weather information on the associated website. If the use uses smart unlock function on Gogoro® App, please tick the box" Automatically activate when it rains, no need to ask
  • The number includes GoStation® sites both in operation and currently under construction.
  • Open 24 Hours: Depending on Gogoro GoStation® site schedule announcements.
  • On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.
  • Max. speed and acceleration testing condition: riding with Sport Activation on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. Additionally, for scooter models that are equipped with Super Boost mode (e.g.,Gogoro S1), testing is done with Super Boost mode also turned on.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, colors may vary.
  • Optional accessories should purchase seperately. Please refer to Gogoro store for detail information.
  • Gogoro Inc. reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice. All data in regards to performance, test results or distance are for reference only, and they may vary due to other factors.
  • The Product(including but not limited to Smartscooter® and the Mobile APP) and its color, layout, specification may be updated from time to time . Please go to Gogoro store to understand the Products before purchasing.
  • All other names and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
  • Please refer to Gogoro website for detailed function and restriction of TPMS.
  • Users of the Smartscooter® with FLO DRIVE™ still need to do periodical maintenance per the manual of the Smartscooter®.


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