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Be One with Your Ride. An incredible leap in performance technology unlocks the speed, precision, and control you need to elevate your riding style to the next level.

All new SSmartcore

The all new SSmartcore boosts processing speed by 208%*, enabling zero-delay riding precision, proactive safety features, and remote control capabilities.

Proactive Safety

Our dedication to riding safety through endless innovation.

Traction Control System*

The SSmartcore detects subtle changes in road surfaces, instantly adjusting torque and power output to ensure maximum traction.


Sharper, stronger stops. Uncompromising braking precision enabled by racing grade brake calipers tuned for maximum control.

Class D LED Headlights

3 times brighter, twice the coverage area*, elevated luminosity that cuts through even the darkest nights to deliver maximum visibility.

Energetically Styled

Superlative sport detailing with a spectrum finish that actively shifts with every turn. A sensory spectacle designed for fast.

Synchronized Sport

Active, in-sync, a new way of pushing to the extreme.


Enjoy smooth, quiet, responsive power, with our ultra-durable Gates® carbon belt drive system.

Cruise Control*

Find your flow. SSmartcore intuitively maintains speed, resuming naturally as you adjust to traffic around you.

Perfect balance

The ultimate equation. Light unsprung-weight, adjustive suspension, and perfect weight distribution performing in harmony.

7.6kW of pure power

Incredible power and acceleration with split-second torque delivery enabled by the SSmartcore.

Perfect balance

The ultimate equation. Light unsprung-weight, adjustive suspension, and perfect weight distribution performing in 

iQ System®

Smart vechicle technology that makes everyday riding simple and effortless.

Timed-Lap Mode*

Record your performance, and gather the insights you need to refine your riding style.

Sport Activation

Unlock unprecedented top speed and acceleration by subscribing to Sport Activation.

Voice Assisted*

Access a variety of connected functions with the help of your smart phone voice assistant.

Smarter is better.

All-in-one mobile App
Anti-theft digital security*
Automatic software updates

Easy as ever.

Battery swap in seconds*
Wireless keycard and phone unlock*
Reverse back up

Epic fun ride

Digital drivetrain
Superior riding range*
ABS for extra safety

Potential, unlocked.

Details make all the difference. Experience more with the S Performance accessory collection.


  • The photos may not represent actual Smartscooter®. Accessories and color may vary.
  • FLO DRIVE™ Sport belt drive system must still be regularly maintained according to the owner’s manual to ensure the owner’s warranty rights.
  • 208%: Refers to the Gogoro SuperSport microprocessor chip (MCU, Micro Controller Unit) being upgraded from the chip mounted on the Gogoro S2, the clock is increased by 80%, and the computing power is increased by 208%.
  • The TCS tracking control system on Gogoro Smartscooter® is exclusively built by Gogoro. The SSmartcore detects digital signals and acts directly.
  • Traction Control System comes with TCS Std and TCS Pro. TCS Pro is standard feature for Gogoro SuperSport ACE, while TCS Std is standard feature for SuperSport TCS. In early launch, TCS Std is built-in both with Gogoro SuperSport ACE & SuperSport TCS. Owners can switch on/off mode. Gogoro SuperSport ACE is scheduled to upgrade the version to TCS Pro around 2022 Q3 at the earliest.
  • The TCS is only a supporting function and cannot guarantee that all dangers will be avoided. The rider still needs to have appropriate riding mindset and behavior.
  • The TCS tracking control system works best when the vehicle remains upright on straight roads. In corners or when the vehicle has a lean angle, TCS may not work to the best. In this case, please control the throttle carefully and smoothly.
  • Do not change the tire specs that are not identical to factory tires, or the TCS might not function properly and even cause safety concern.
  • Gogoro SuperSport ACE, Gogoro SuperSport TCS are equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system; Gogoro SuperSport is equipped with SBS synchronous braking system.
  • 3 times brighter, twice the coverage: Refers to the data calculated by comparing with the Gogoro S2.
  • Front Storage Compartment is not waterproof, and is not designed to hold items in excess of 300 grams.
  • Cruise Control is only suitable for straight roads with good conditions. For safety reasons, do not use this function with complex traffic conditions, heavy traffic, curves, obvious slope changes or slippery road conditions. Riders should still pay attention to his/her riding and make judgments taking into account all circumstances on the road, and should use this function and rider scooter according to the applicable traffic regulations. This function cannot be activated when the speed is lower than 10 km/h or higher than 60 km/h. This function needs to be turned on with the Gogoro® App first.
  • Gogoro SuperSport ACE has built-in Cruise Control and a GTU that can activate remote network services. Gogoro SuperSport TCS and Gogoro SuperSport are not equipped with Cruise Control and a GTU, which can be purchased separately for installation or upgrade. Either built-in or separately purchased/ installed GTU, the user should sign a separate contract with Gogoro to use Smartscooter®'s Remote Connection Service. The service connects vehicles with LTE signals and the connecting/ positioning function may be affected by several factors, including but not limited to weather, terrain, shelter, base station signal, etc. Gogoro reserves the right to charge service fees for Remote Connection Service.
  • Gogoro Telematic Units:
    - Due to the complicated installation procedure of this product, in order to ensure the correctness of installation and the performance of this product, this product can only be installed at the Gogoro Service Center; after the product is installed, please do not attempt to disassemble or reinstall this product by yourself to avoid damage to it.
    - This package is available for ""Available Models"" and ""Standard Equipped Models"", and the models should come with the latest Gogoro® App and iQ System®.
    - The rider's smartphone should be available for iQ System®.
    - If the Smartscooter® is covered with metallic paint protective film, ""Remote Connection Service"" may be disrupted. Gogoro is not responsible for the above circumstance.
    - When you open the trunk for a long time, Smartscooter® will turn to Hibernation Mode. You can also turn Smartscooter® to Hibernation Mode. The above conditions will both switch “Gogoro Telematics Unit” off. You can awake “Gogoro Telematics Unit” by turning on Smartscooter® again.
    - Remote Connection Service"" Riders purchasing Gogoro Smartscooter® with Gogoro Telematic Unit or purchasing the Gogoro Telematic Unit in Gogoro service centers can enjoy two-year Gogoro Remote Control Service free of charge from the delivery date/ installation date (subject to the period as indicated in Gogoro system). Gogoro reserves the right to charge service fees for Remote Connection Service, and the fee will be announced afterwards. Gogoro will inform the owners the applicable service fee and at that time you can decide whether to continue your use of Remote Connection Service.
    - The product comes with 24-month guarantee after delivery subject to the applicable Gogoro Smartscooter® Non-Consumption Part Warranty Clause. For service and use restrictions, please refer to “Gogoro Remote Connection Service Terms and Conditions . (as updated from time to time on Gogoro website)”
  • Gogoro SuperSport ACE and Gogoro SuperSport TCS are available in Polar Green and Aura Blue; Gogoro SuperSport is available in Arctic Grey.
  • Please refer to Gogoro website for detailed function and restriction of TPMS.
  • Timed-Lap Mode*: All records will be cleared after the Gogoro Network® Smart Battery(ies) is/are drawn out. This is only a supplementary function, its accuracy is not guaranteed, and it cannot replace Pro timing equipment.
  • The Gogoro Telematic Units cannot be used with the voice assistant function of the smart device (eg: Siri, Google Assistant)
  • Unstealable: iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • 12,362 GoStation herein this page refer to the number of GoStation racks, which consist of 8 to 10 battery slots.
  • The number includes GoStation® sites both in operation and currently under construction.
  • The number depending on Gogoro GoStation® site accurate locations announcements.
  • On a sunny day with fair wind conditions, with the tire pressure set to factory setting and batteries fully charged, a 63 kg rider performs the road test on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. A Gogoro personnel collects the speed, time and mileage using a commercial GPS speedometer.
  • Max. speed and acceleration testing condition: riding with Sport Activation on a road paved with normal asphalt at 0% incline. Additionally, for scooter models that are equipped with Super Boost mode (e.g.,Gogoro S1), testing is done with Super Boost mode also turned on.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, colors may vary.
  • Optional accessories should purchase seperately. Please refer to Gogoro store for detail information.
  • The Product(including but not limited to Smartscooter® and the Mobile APP) and its color, layout, specification may be updated from time to time . Please go to Gogoro store to understand the Products before purchasing.
  • All other names and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.


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