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TONE ON TONE, Pure Glamor

Dive into a simpler, more colorful world.

Feel Good, Feel Light

This is how we bring back the joy of riding

Every feel-good element, comes from a simple yet easily overlooked idea, aimed at giving you back your comfort zone.

Low Seat Height

The 72.9cm seat height is the lowest in its class*. Fitting any body height, type and style. Step on and off effortlessly.

Easy Main-Stand

The easy main-stand helps lighten your parking effort by 25%*, with the now lighter vehicle weight*, parking is more effortless than ever.

Walk it, reverse it, smooth as the breeze

No more resistance, glide forward with the new Walking Mode*, or back out from those tight parking spaces with our famous one-touch reverse.

More Space, More Comfort

The new AIRCUSH™ Knee Pads are here to protect you from any potential bumps during braking, combined with the collapsible aluminum cup holder* and extended leg room, freeing up more space for a more enjoyable ride.

Collapsible Cup Holder

For sure, there is a place for your favorite drink. The cup holder can expand and fold anytime you wish, even if you place a cold drink, dripping water won’t bother your mind. "Bubble tea, all ice and all sugar!" Just treat yourself with no doubt.

Smoother Ride, Less Maintnance

Say goodbye to bumpy rides. The Maintenance-free Flo Drive Carbon Belt System enables the smoothest ride ever, while the durable, grease-free Gates® belt requires little to no regular maintenance*.

Feel Good, Feel Cared

Like a personal ritual to start and end the day.

We're offering a bit of extra brightness, some fragrant scent, and your favorite tunes to get you mentally relaxed for the road ahead.

Like a smile, the Super Bright 180° Trunk Light illuminates your storage compartment for easier reach and search.

Sometimes you might have to park in dark alleys or corners with little streetlights. Fortunately, the escort lights will stay on to guide you from the shadows.

Like an oasis, the Refillable Fragrance Capsule helps adjusts your mood, awakens your heart, and brings the focus back to yourself.

Gogoro Delight Accessories*

Stay minimal or go all-out. Be it elegant, sporty, or stylish, pick and match your desired accessories to create the ride that really fits you.

Handbag hook

Electric Makes it Better

Facial recognition, encrypted key card, remote lock, and a variety of anti-theft measures are all in place.* With location service turned on, keep track of your ride wherever you are.

We all forget things in a hurry, No sweat, take out your phone, unlock your ride*, and off you go.

No burns, no heat, no emissions, no noise, no vibration whatsoever. Gogoro takes care of not only you but also the pets, trees, and children you pass by.

Change batteries everywhere at convenience stores, supermarkets, offices, schools, or even parks. Gogoro has carefully placed GoStations in your neighborhood to power you forward in seconds.

You book your restaurant, spa, and trips through your app, now you can do the same when servicing your ride. Plan in advance, and never wait in line.

  • The photos may not represent actual Smartscooter®. Accessories and color may vary.
  • The colors of vehicles are limited to specific models, see the "Compare Smartscooter® Models" for details.
  • the lowest in its class: The same class refers to ordinary heavy-duty electric scooter models of the same class of 125C.C. sold in Taiwan in June 2022. The source of information is the specifications disclosed on the official website of each electric scooter brand in Taiwan and related media news pages equipment information, but Gogoro does not guarantee the completeness, timeliness, and correctness of its specifications and equipment information. The height of the seat cushion is measured by Gogoro itself. The measurement method is to stand the Gogoro Delight vehicle upright after turning off the motor so that the front and rear wheels are on the ground, the mainstand touches the flat ground lightly at two points, the tire pressure is the standard factory tire pressure, and the two batteries are equally placed in the carriage, with no one sitting on the seat cushion, the Gogoro surveyor measures the distance from the flat ground to the upper edge of the front seat of the Gogoro vehicle seat cushion with a ruler, and judges the height value with the naked eye. There may be errors in the measurement results of the height of the seat cushion. Please refer to the "Ministry of Communications Vehicle Safety Certification Standards" for the allowable range of error. The total error of the length tolerance, measurement error and manufacturing tolerance of the items specified in the vehicle specification. Those under 500 cm are plus or minus 2 percent, and over 500 cm are plus or minus 10 cm. If the total error is less than plus or minus 1 cm, it will be counted as plus or minus 1 cm.
  • The required pedaling downforce is reduced by approximately 25% compared to a Gogoro model without the easy mainstand.
  • lighter vehicle weight: Gogoro Delight weighs 4 kg less than Gogoro 2 Delight.
  • The "Walking mode" function can only be operated when the power is turned on and the speed is less than 5 km/h. For your own safety, do not turn the throttle, press the reverse button or any other buttons when you are engaging this function.
  • FLO DRIVE™ belt drive system must still be regularly maintained according to the owner’s manual to ensure the owner’s warranty rights.
  • The U shape trunk light, antibacterial grip and trunk, trunk fragrance and aluminum cup holder are only equipped on the Gogoro Delight model, but not on the Gogoro Delight BASIC.
  • Smart wet mode will only be enabled when (1) the user use Gogoro® App (version 2.16.0 or higher), and (2) when the user's Smartscooter® is connected with the user's mobile device via Bluetooth, and (3) the user use the mobile device to unlock Smartscooter®. Whether the Rain Mode will be activated will be determined by the weather information on the associated website. If the use uses smart unlock function on Gogoro® App, please tick the box" Automatically activate when it rains, no need to ask
  • Gogoro Delight is available with optional TCS, but TCS cannot be installed on Gogoro Delight BASIC.
  • The TCS is only a supporting function and cannot guarantee that all dangers will be avoided. The rider still needs to have appropriate riding mindset and behavior. The TCS tracking control system works best when the vehicle remains upright on straight roads. In corners or when the vehicle has a lean angle, TCS may not work to the best. In this case, please control the throttle carefully and smoothly. Do not change the tire specs that are not identical to factory tires, or the TCS might not function properly and even cause safety concern.
  • Please refer to Gogoro website for detailed function and restriction of TPMS.
  • Gogoro Delight and Gogoro Delight BASIC are not equipped with a GTU, which can be purchased separately for installation. Separately purchased GTU, the user should sign a separate contract with Gogoro to use Smartscooter®'s Remote Connection Service. The service connects vehicles with LTE signals and the connecting/ positioning function may be affected by several factors, including but not limited to weather, terrain, shelter, base station signal, etc. Gogoro reserves the right to charge service fees for Remote Connection Service.
  • Gogoro Telematic Units:
    - Due to the complicated installation procedure of this product, in order to ensure the correctness of installation and the performance of this product, this product can only be installed at the Gogoro Service Center; after the product is installed, please do not attempt to disassemble or reinstall this product by yourself to avoid damage to it.
    - This package is available for Available Models and Standard Equipped Models, and the models should come with the latest Gogoro® App and iQ System®.
    - The rider's smartphone should be available for iQ System®.
    - If the Smartscooter® is covered with metallic paint protective film, ""Remote Connection Service"" may be disrupted. Gogoro is not responsible for the above circumstance.
    - When you open the trunk for a long time, Smartscooter® will turn to Hibernation Mode. You can also turn Smartscooter® to Hibernation Mode. The above conditions will both switch “Gogoro Telematics Unit” off. You can awake “Gogoro Telematics Unit” by turning on Smartscooter® again.
    - Remote Connection Service Riders purchasing Gogoro Smartscooter® with Gogoro Telematic Unit or purchasing the Gogoro Telematic Unit in Gogoro service centers can enjoy two-year Gogoro Remote Control Service free of charge from the delivery date/ installation date (subject to the period as indicated in Gogoro system). Gogoro reserves the right to charge service fees for Remote Connection Service, and the fee will be announced afterwards. Gogoro will inform the owners the applicable service fee and at that time you can decide whether to continue your use of Remote Connection Service.
    - The product comes with 24-month guarantee after delivery subject to the applicable Gogoro Smartscooter® Non-Consumption Part Warranty Clause. For service and use restrictions, please refer to “Gogoro Remote Connection Service Terms and Conditions . (as updated from time to time on Gogoro website)”"
  • 2x Wider, 3x Brighter: Refers to the data calculated by comparing with the Gogoro S2.
  • Optional accessories should purchase seperately. Please refer to Gogoro store for detail information.
  • Facial recognition, encrypted key card, remote lock, and a variety of anti-theft measures are all in place: iQ system® Smart Keycard, Gogoro® App and smartphone connection required.
  • it’s always tracked: Tracking a vehicle is only applicable to vehicles with Remote Connection Service.
  • Smart keyless needs to be enabled in the Gogoro® App settings, keep connecting your Smartscooter® and smartphone with Bluetooth, when the distance is close, the lights will flash, and tap the GO button to unlock the vehicle.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, colors may vary.
  • Optional accessories should purchase seperately. Please refer to Gogoro store for detail information.
  • Gogoro Inc. reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without prior notice. All data in regards to performance, test results or distance are for reference only, and they may vary due to other factors.
  • The Product(including but not limited to Smartscooter® and the Mobile APP) and its color, layout, specification may be updated from time to time . Please go to Gogoro store to understand the Products before purchasing.
  • All other names and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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